Kauai Weather vs Deep Sea Sport Fishing

As many flock to the islands to enjoy paradise many were also a little bit disappointed. We had three to four weeks of off and on again rain during this last February. Kauai weather seemed to be in the heavy weight class & deep sea sportfishing in the light weight division. We were out done for sure sad to say, TKO! Ohana Fishing Charters went day by day. We had a fully loaded manifest with charters every day. I felt extremely bad for the many we had to cancel. Most looking very forward to their fishing trip while visiting the Garden Island of Hawaii. As usual it was the daily early am calls as to whether it’s a go or not. Luckily we got a few charters out here and there. Tropical island weather can be quite something, it’s almost like the island is telling all to slow down. Which the beautiful island of Kauai needs a well deserved break. We are used to the woes of running a charter company, it isn’t for the faint at heart and you have to cling to the fact the adverse weather will not last forever!

If the aina (island) needs to slow her people down the tears of rain can definitely do just that. Not fun for the tourists but you can not tell Mother Nature what to do. For Ohana Fishing Charters the job of being blessed to work on Kauai’s oceans is just that a blessing. We operate w/ the utmost of respect for the power the ocean, being safe is a the forefront. The abundant goodness it provides of fish and enjoyment, our livelihood depends on her and we take nothing for granted ever. So we wait ever so patiently.

Spring is here and we live with expectancy of beautiful days heading into Summer. Kauai is such a special place. Deep sea sportfishing is something I personally think all should try at least once. The thrill of reeling something in is so primitive for me and a lot easier than what my ancestors did. Modern reels & rods, specialty lures that attract big magnificent fish makes for an adrenaline rush for sure. Not to mention seeing the fifty shades of green from a boats view the can leave you breathless as can the shear awe of the deepest of blue oceans you will ever see. So come and enjoy Kauai from a different view w/ us, Ohana (family) Fishing Charters.

Blessings & AloHa,

Cynthia & the Ohana Crew

One happy family!

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