Our Crew


From left to right, Captain Lance, deckhand Makena, deckhand Jean Luc, Captain & deckhand Ikena, Captain Brit, & our son Gabe

Meet our Crew (Ohana)“Family”!

The crew are super nice guys, they have an abundant local knowledge of our oceans off Kauai & how to fish them. They are consistent in the work ethic and respectful of all. So meet our ohana, our guys are the best!


Sailfish: Ikena on left & Brit on right


Captain Lance pulling in a Mahi Mahi (red shirt)


Makena deckhand helping Makana

Captain Lance

Captain Lance the fearless leader of his crewman with over 30 years experience in the sport fishing industry. Knowledgeable and dedicated to his love of fishing. " I have been on the ocean my whole life, fishing & surfing, I am blessed to make a living doing something I love".

Captain Britt

Captain Brit has operated boats down the Napali Coast of Kauai, captain surf boats in Indonesia & several other fishing boats in Nawiliwili harbor. For his age he is at the top of his game and that's why he works for us. An avid water man, surfer and just a super nice guy.

Captain Ikena

Our newest captain of the bunch, crewing for us a little more than three years is definitely a seasoned fisherman. He has worked three salmon seasons in Alaska and chased Albacore off the West coast of the US. Born and raised in Hawaii he has fished his whole life. Went to college to get a degree and landed back here on Kauai doing what he loves, fishing.


Hardworking a quick learner born with a fishing pole in his hand. He too like the others is definitely a water man (kai kane). He is one of four boys in his family, they all fish. He will spend his off time hunting in the mountains, fishing from shore, surfing w/ friends. A true local boy with a heart of gold.

Jean Luc

Born and raised on the North shore of Kauai, been on boats since before he was out of diapers. Has been commercial fishing his whole young life. Capt. Lance remembers seeing him super young at Hanalei fishing from the shore, just always near the water and fishing. He also states that Jean Luc is probably the best deckhand around for his age.



Me, that's me Cynthia the author of this page about our crew, mother first, and running the office for our charter business. I too love the ocean & have fun getting out there. My days are busy and I wear many hats. I have built this company with my husband Capt. Lance. We really care about our level of integrity, offering the best experience for our guests and crew. You can always count on me to help you find the right trip or answer any questions you may have.

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