Winter Time Blues: Kauai Deep Sea Sportfishing

Well we made it through Summer, sailed through Fall and are in our Winter months her on Kauai. Fishng has been so steady, the only thing that stops Ohana Fishing Charters is the weather, and Mama Nature ya just can’t control her unfortunately! Like children loving to rattle their mothers for the reaction, the fish like it a bit churned up as well but our guests do not. We will go out into a little bit of weather but not ever put our guests in danger, FYI. Normal ocean conditions are four to six feet and ten to fifteen knots of wind. Tropical weather can be a force, so we never mess with Mama Nature we are committed to the safety of our guests and loyal crew first and foremost!

Ohana Fishing Charters has been fully booked, with the exception of a few days here and there. So, we anticipate being busy during Spring and Summer. Make sure to book a head of time, don’t wait til ya get on the island if you seriously want to fish. Which in my personal opinion ya should. Kauai has some of the best fishing anywhere in the world, no joke. Enjoy the pics. Aloha, Ohana & Crew

Who wouldn’t smile, Blue Marlin, catch of a lifetime.
“Oh No” “Oh Yasss the Ono x2 fish, plus aMahi Mahi. Good eats!
Banging Day! Blue Marlin & twin Yellow Fin tuna (Ahi)
Skip Jacks & the Fam
150 LB AHI (Yellow fin)
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