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Well this is only part of what we actually caught this Spring/Summer. Ohana as usual was on the water almost every day. With the exclusion of some weather days and a maintenance day here and there. Maintaining the busy Ho’omaikai is imperative. This vessel is built for the waters off Kauai specifically for commercial fishing. We turned her into a sportfishing boat fifteen years ago and she has proven herself worthy. Summer time is a special time on the islands for many who flock there to experience paradise. Even if almost 20K moved here during the pandemic and more keep arriving monthly to live in paradise. For the many who are arriving to live the dream at least half of that amount are leaving Kauai.

Ohana Fishing Charters have literally entertained thousands on our boat. We have trusted and knowledgeable crew & Captains. A handful of new Captains and business owners have been mentored by Captain Lance & his expertise of worldwide sportfishing. I have to admit he has also learned much from these young bucks as well. There is one thing with Ohana you will always get and that’s treated right and taught a thing or two while on our charter. We have the right vessel, the right crew and attitude to always keep our guests returning to us year after year. Sportfishing is so much fun, for the novice to the well experienced fisher-human you will not be disappointed. Aloha, Cynthia & Crew

Summer Ahi time.
Captain Brit & crewman Jean Luc
Father & Son duo, yep making them memories.
Blue Marlin, Summer Run
Mahi Mahi the fish so nice they named it twice.
Holy Marlin, that’s a whopper! Summer fun w/ Ohana,
Can anyone say sushi.  Sustainable fishing practices is what we do.  All gets eaten locally.
Can anyone say sushi? Sustainable fishing is what we do. All fish gets eaten locally.
Captain Britt having fun w/ our special guest.
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