Summer Time Came & Went in OFC Style!

OFC?? Ohana Fishing Charters of course. Aloha to all been a while and boy have we been busy. I honestly think a post pandemic fishing frenzy happened on a much larger scale than last year. Which of course is good for us. For our beautiful island of Kauai and Ohana Fishing Charters it seems as if business is back to normal. I will be playing catch up here with a plethora of pics from our couple Cappy’s. I do believe a picture is worth a thousand words, or at least a hundred. Trust in our reviews folks they paint a beautiful picture of who we are and what we do.

Well this stinks! I went to upload and nothing. Oh boy life, anyhoo we were overwhelmingly busy to say the least. I will try and get some pics up here very soon.


Ohana Crew

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