Springtime Is Fish Time!

Ohana Fishing Charters is doing it again. What? Well, catching a lot of fish! With warmer weather and Spring Break having it’s go with us we yielded every species you could imagine. Marlins galore, Yellow Fin tuna (Ahi), Ono (Wahoo), and Mahi Mahi the fish so nice ya have to say it twice! We were out there almost every day of March, besides a few bad weather days. Weather definitely happens on this beautiful tropical island so make sure you book your charter at the beginning of your visit, just in case. We will head into Summer with many advanced bookings as usual. So please book your charter in advance if you are able. Always call regardless as we have cancellations happen.

Let’s talk business quick here. After doing my homework I realized once again Ohana Fishing Charters is in the lead with MANY five star reviews. Let’s keep it reel! We have a few bad ones but statistically we outrank all other charter outfits, just sayin’. I want bragging rights ya know? We have worked way to hard to get where we are. I want to let ya in on a little secret, many pay for ads to be at the top of the list in search engines and social media sites. In the world of cut throat marketing anyone can say they’re #1. But are they? That is why I bring up the mathematical statistics here. Ohana Fishing Charters runs 100% organically, meaning we run off of pure reputation and do not have to pay for ads, pop up on others business pages, not anywhere. Yay team!!

We are the original “Ohana” charter company and our reviews will tell a story of why. Once your aboard you are treated as though. Even if your crunchy, hey we all get a bit crunchy at times. Ohana Fishing Charters will still do their best to show you a good time deep sea fishing. For the young to old bring em all for the best family fun adventure on Kauai. We have the proper fishing vessel built for Kauai fishing. The Ho’omaikai may not be like some of the other pretty big boats. Food for thought. Are those aesthetically pleasing boats the right for Kauai? Do you even know? Yep I am kinda sassy but I am just here to educate. Sure they work but not like our girl, she is stealth and can do things others can’t. Call and ask, I promise I will share the gospel of boat anatomy for Kauai fishing and why.

It takes a competent Captain and crew, the best gear money can buy to do our job. Our fishing grounds are sacred on the East Side and expansive and to be 101% honest these pelagic species move around the island. So there is not one place on this island that is better than the other. There is always an opportunity to catch fish when your with the one of the best charter companies around.

Warmest Aloha,

Cynthia Keener

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