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With a recent review about our boat & fishing methods from a client, I was reminded about how different deep-sea fishing on Kauai is from anywhere else around the world. In this blog, I wanted to tell you guys about the different seasons, fish patterns, the methods used in the different conditions, and why our girl – Ho’oMaika’I is the best charter boat for Kauai’s waters.

Wintertime brings big low-pressure systems from Japan and Alaska, which blocks the trade winds and makes very calm conditions on the East and Southeast side of the island (which are our fishing grounds). These are good days for trying to catch live bait and bottom fishing unless there are pelagic species around (Mahi Mahis, Tunas, Marlines and Onos). Bottom fishing, we usually catch different varieties of Snappers, Amberjacks, Hawaiian Sea bass, Giant Trevally, and Rainbow Runner. You might even see some Humpback Whales as this is the time of the year that they come to the warm waters of Kauai to breed and calf.

Springtime is our wet season on Kauai but the fish don’t mind the rain. During this time of the year Mahi Mahis and Stripe Marlins begin to migrate through the area to spawn. Also, some large Ahis (Yellowfin Tunas) will start to show up. The large Yellowfin Tunas will start showing up more towards the end of spring as summertime is their spawning season.

In the summer There is constant trade wind but sunny weather. This is usually our best time of the year for fishing but anytime of the year can be red hot. We mostly stick to trolling techniques in the summer months as the Ahi, Ono, and Blue Marlin fill in from May to September. While trolling is the main way of catching the summertime fish, we don’t only troll and will do whatever it takes to get fish on the boat depending on the water conditions and the type of fish that is around that day. Our crew is very experienced on the Kauai waters and always got the scoop and knows what the fish is doing.

In the fall there are still remnants of the big Ahis and this is the time of year that our FADs (FISH AGGREGATING DEVICES) start to light up. The FAD is a buoy that is placed by the state to create an ecosystem and attract bait, which attracts other species of pelagic fish (such as Ahi, Mahi Mahi, Ono, Marlins, Skipjacks). These buoys don’t only hold fish in the fall, they can have action all year round, but fall is usually the best.

On our boat, we can utilize all the different methods of fishing; live baiting and jigging the bottom, live baiting open schools of mahi mahis, ahis, and stripe marlins, trolling for the umbrella of large pelagic fish, and live baiting and using other techniques at the FADs. Our boat Ho’omaikai is built like a tank to handle the choppy, rough seas of Kauai even when fishing stationery (when stopped).

If you are planning on coming to Kauai and want to hear more about the type of fish we catch and the type of fishing we use or have any other questions give us a call! We would love to tell you more about it. As we get closer towards the summer break and busy tourism season, if you are planning your trip to Kauai give us a call to book your trip!

 Mahalo and hope to see you onboard 


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