Summer Time on Kauai, A Fishing Tail to be Shared

Well friends Summer time is winding down and you can feel it in the air. The hurried tourists are flocking to Kauai still as to grab that last bit of Summer time. It is a good thing for Ohana Fishing Charters who’s steady influx of guests keep flowing in. The waters off Kauai are some of the richest in fish amongst the whole island chain with Kauai being in the lead for epic sportfishing adventures.

On the books it seems like we may slow down a bit but not much heading into Fall/Winter. We are already booking into next Spring I would advise to book early for Spring & Summer of 2024. With the recent tragedy on Mauai we expect more visitors than normal to Kauai. This would be good & bad, it will be a crowded little place with disgruntled drivers, LOL. If you have been to Kauai you will totally get what I am saying. So I say stay on the water fishing with us! As you will see in the pics below there are a lot of fish tails!

Our deepest heartfelt condolences go out to those affected by the fires on Maui. I pray that our great Creator, God, Akua gives grace & peace to all those who mourn their losses. The people of Hawaii are resilient warriors of aloha & hope. I will ask that you hold space in your thoughts & hearts for Maui.

Happy Guests !!!

One happy family!
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