Winter Sport Fishing with Ohana Fishing Charters

Well Captain Lance has said it has been the worst Winter in twenty years for sport fishing kauai. We have dealt with having to cancel here and there due to adverse weather conditions in the past but not like this. Since mid December we have cancelled a lot! Having to cancel four weeks in a row this past December hit everyone hard but having to keep cancelling is been more than challenging. Our guests have been disappointed but they understand that it’s safety first and we have no control over the weather. We are a small family owned and operated company, we have worked hard and come up from literally nothing, no help , no golden spoon just plain hard work.

Things are looking up! We have many reservations on the books and into the Summer even. What helps keep us going are all our great amazing guests who take the time to write reviews for us. I was just on Google and we have so many five stars, also on TripAdvisor & Yelp! A big MAHALO to those people who take the time out to write about their time spent with us. It means a great deal to us.

Okay so your here maybe to get an idea of what has been going on with fishing right? Well when we have been on the water we have been catching a lot of fish!! Marlins, Yellow Fin Tuna (Ahi), Onos & Skip Jack Tuna. The ocean has been very active this Winter though to say the least. Please visit our Facebook page to see all the latest pics.

Well I have a confession to make here. I am so sad to admit we had to pay for ads on Google and join the rest who pay for ads everywhere to rank at the top! Ugh…. All I can say is anyone can say “we are number 1, exclaim they’re the best, & the premiere #1 fishing charter company” and try to look like the family company & so forth it’s a free country. Oh & they’re doing it all right, along with using my verbiage on their web pages! Ohana Fishing Charters prides itself on being the real deal if other charter co’s try & capture my phrases or try to reflect the ohana vibe that just tells me we’re doing everything right over here.

We are truly owned & operated by a Captain who has over 35 years experience in sport fishing, over 20 years of Kauai sport fishing, he is an experts at what he does and he knows boats well. Also passing the skills & techniques he’s learned from around the world to our Captains & crew to ad to their already existing fisherman skills, we don’t have to lie it’s as simple as that. Remember it is not the size of the boat especially in Kauai waters, boat style really really matters and the absolute expertise of who is running the operation and who they’ve hand picked to help run that charter company, this is what really matters! The style of fishing vessel dictates how that boat can fish. The Ho’o maikai is a 30 X 10 foot Wilson custom built for the waters of Kauai. A commercial fishing vessel gone charter boat. This boat has the capabilities to out fish any of the other charter fleet on Kauai plus knowledgeable & experienced crew. We don’t only troll which seems to be a question many potential guests ask me about. Having had been on charter boats where they only trolled. I will add that sometimes that is how the fish bite, on the troll; but not always. We actively hunt the fish down and can use up to four techniques while fishing. We have some new stuff we have been waiting to debut & have been held up due to this weather, very exciting!

So call us to see what really sets us apart from the rest. We’d be happy to answer any & all of your questions. After all we are the original “Ohana” (family) charter company on Kauai, here to help you all make memories that’ll last a lifetime. That was my line first friends and we really mean it we are the company with a heart. I think many of our outstanding reviews make that very evident. Like I said just call and you will see.

Warmest aloha,

Cynthia Keener, Co-Owner

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