Truth Be Told, a Serious Deep Sea Fishing Charter Co.

Truth be told, well your probably wondering what am I talking about. I am talking about everyone saying they’re number one, the premier, the best deep sea fishing charter on Kauai! If there is one thing we are is AWARD WINNING, I won’t even say we are number one or we are the best. I want people to do their homework a little research and figure it out on their own who they think they’d really want to fish with here on Kauai. If there is one thing I know is you can market yourself any way you want. You can be honest or dishonest paint a misleading narrative as who you really are, how long you’ve been doing this, etc. Anyone can say they’re the best and pay for ads to be at the top of the list. ORGANIC seems to be better for the consumer when it comes to many things these days and we to like to be organic. Ha ha ha, ya are definitely thinking what the heck is she speaking of. I am just talking about online (internet) presence some will pay a lot of money to be at top of listing. We come up organically, meaning we aren’t paying for ads. Honesty is & always will be the best policy for us. Business is business & we used to have to pay for ads a long time ago. I will say we are now one of the busiest fishing charter companies there is on Kauai. We have more reviews than anyone on TripAdvisor & other review sites.

We do have one of the most sought after Captains on Kauai and 98% of our reviews are positive coming from extremely happy customers. You can’t beat 35 years of only being a fisherman ya just can’t. All that solid expertise just really makes a huge difference. Our crew & Captains have to be very disciplined to work with us. Integrity is how we a rolling here. Our boat the Ho’omaika’i is militantly cared for by Captain Lance who could build a boat if he had to & he has. You can open our engine hatch & see just how much he cares. Boats take a lot of maintenance to keep in tip top shape! Our crew is stellar, we are in the Maritime Consortium, as all charters should be aka drug testing. That can mean a lot because it really says we care about your safety!

And furthermore bigger is NOT always better. Out here on these waters it’s all about the style of boat you have, many can only troll. And that can be just fine for many fisherman. As for the cabin cruisers who wants to sit in a stuffy ol’ cab anyhow with Kauai’s beautiful scenery? Our open air canopy covered seating area makes for an amazing sightseeing fishing adventure. I am talking fifty shades of green. You will pretty much see the Garden Isle the entire time your fishing because ya don’t have to go out too far to get into the fish.

Lastly, our Wilson was built for these waters, she was hand picked by a Captain who knows his stuff. She’s a stealth hunting machine that can & will put ya on the fish! Her maneuverability is incredible as she can sit in any direction pretty much on the shifty waves off Kauai, when others just can’t. We will not do sunset cruises or whale watching as we are, truth be told “a serious fishing charter company”.

Blessings & Aloha,

Cynthia Keener

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